Category: Ergonomics

  • Home Office: Ergotized! Part 3

    Ergonomics July 10, 2020

    Home Office: Ergotized! Part 3 is the third installment of our series with Dr. Bob Niklewicz, PT, CEAS II, DHSC, CIE that will help you turn your home into a true home office! In this article we will go over some of the finer points of the major “Tools” you will be using in yourContinue reading

  • How to Convince Clients That Ergonomics is Important

    Ergonomics April 8, 2020

    Why Ergonomics is Important with Judy Bronson As Millennials and Gen Z take over much of the workforce, they are constantly changing the landscape of the workplace. For instance, the new generations of professionals expect companies to have a broader and deeper understanding of healthcare. Aside from providing employees with health insurance, an article by CNBC notesContinue reading

  • Ask the Back School: Tips for Material Handlers

    Ergonomics March 3, 2020

    Today we’re addressing a recent question from another Back School graduate who had some material handling questions regarding a new client they were working with. “I’ve attended a couple of your live workshop and learned a lot! However, I am urgently needing help with a company I recently did an ergonomic evaluation for. It isContinue reading