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  • Ask the Experts: Pain or Fatigue?

    Ergonomics December 11, 2020
    Pain or Fatigue

    Pain or Fatigue? Which question should ergonomists ask of their clients and why? That’s the latest question from one of our CEAS students in today’s Ask the Experts blog. Read below the question we received from someone currently enrolled in our CEAS Online course: “Hi! Quick question: I see on the “Questions to ask employee…”Continue reading

  • PAIN: Ergonomics How and Why

    Ergonomics October 28, 2020
    PAIN: Ergonomics

    PAIN: Ergonomics How and Why By: Dr. Bob Niklewicz PT, DHSc, CEAS II “The Ergo Whisperer” One of the primary reasons people seek out Ergonomics interventions at their work station is because they are experiencing PAIN.  Those who are Ergo savvy, will make ergonomics changes to their work stations prophylactically to avoid pain. However, thatContinue reading

  • Ask the Experts: Driving Ergonomics

    Ergonomics October 21, 2020

    Ask the Experts: Driving Ergonomics follow up questions with Jamie McGaha, OT We’re following up on our wildly successfuly “When the Office Comes to You” Webinar with Jamie McGaha. Due to high attendance and a highly engaged crowd we were unable to address everyone’s questions during the live presentation. If you missed Jamie’s extremely informativeContinue reading