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  • Ergo Break: For those who stand or walk a lot

    Ergonomics March 1, 2022
    Ergo Break for Walking

    Take and Ergo Break with Dr. Bob Niklewicz PT, DHSc, CEAS II “The Ergo Whisperer” I will make this disclaimer up front as to my comments below: “You can do what exercises you wish in your work situation. — The exercises below are based on my experiences and the anatomy/physiology of the working body thatContinue reading

  • Ergo Breaks: “Motion is Lotion”

    Ergonomics March 23, 2021

    Ergo Breaks: “Motion is the Lotion” with Dr. Bob Niklewicz PT, DHSc, CEAS II “The Ergo Whisperer” Review of the Basics:You have 209 bones in your body and where two bones meet is called a Joint. There are over 600 muscles and they do work by ONLY PULLING or shortening, they never push.    When musclesContinue reading

  • Ask the Experts: Pain or Fatigue?

    Ergonomics December 11, 2020
    Pain or Fatigue

    Pain or Fatigue? Which question should ergonomists ask of their clients and why? That’s the latest question from one of our CEAS students in today’s Ask the Experts blog. Read below the question we received from someone currently enrolled in our CEAS Online course: “Hi! Quick question: I see on the “Questions to ask employee…”Continue reading