Category: Office Ergonomics

  • Evaluating Difficult Clients

    Office Ergonomics May 23, 2019

    In today’s blog we have a question from a recent grad and who had taken CEAS I with Marty Frame and is experiencing some push back from clients who refuse her advice after performing an evaluation. Hey Marty, I took your course in Seattle 5/2 & 3. I have already done two ergo evals. YAY!Continue reading

  • Clients with Hand Pain

    Body Mechanics, Office Ergonomics June 5, 2018
    hand pain

    Hand Pain and Mouse Usage One of the recent questions we received from a student was regarding hand pain that he encountered in a client while performing an office evaluation. I have some questions about pain in hands between thumb and first finger on hand that uses the mouse. Is there a reference you wouldContinue reading

  • Positioning Your Monitor for Comfort

    Office Ergonomics February 26, 2016

    Positioning Your Monitor for Comfort The position of the eyes and the hands are critical to setting up an ergonomically sound computer workstation. Monitor placement affects where the eyes look and that is half the equation. When the monitor is placed in the wrong position it can lead to the user experiencing head and neckContinue reading