Category: Office Ergonomics

  • To Rest or Not to Rest: Using Armrests for Typing

    Office Ergonomics July 10, 2019

    Often times you’ll find conflicting information regarding certain ergonomics topics and equipment. In today’s blog we’re addressing a recent question sent to us from one of our Back Scholars on whether or not you should use a chair’s armrests while typing. “Can you provide clarification on the use of wrist/arm rests and when you should/shouldn’tContinue reading

  • Evaluating Difficult Clients

    Office Ergonomics May 23, 2019

    In today’s blog we have a question from a recent grad and who had taken CEAS I with Marty Frame and is experiencing some push back from clients who refuse her advice after performing an evaluation. Hey Marty, I took your course in Seattle 5/2 & 3. I have already done two ergo evals. YAY!Continue reading

  • Clients with Hand Pain

    Body Mechanics, Office Ergonomics June 5, 2018
    hand pain

    Hand Pain and Mouse Usage One of the recent questions we received from a student was regarding hand pain that he encountered in a client while performing an office evaluation. I have some questions about pain in hands between thumb and first finger on hand that uses the mouse. Is there a reference you wouldContinue reading