• Ask the Experts: Ergonomics and Tool Selection

    Industrial Ergonomics November 21, 2019

    If you missed our last webinar with Marty Frame on Ergonomic Principles in Design and Choice of the Correct Hand Tool it’s available now for review. Marty gave us a wonderful presentation on how improper too use for a specific task can obstruct blood flow, inflame tendons and increase muscle fatigue, all of which canContinue reading

  • Ergonomics for Multiple Monitors

    Office Ergonomics August 13, 2019

    Today we’re taking a look at a recently submitted question regarding properly adjusting a workstation with two large monitors: I have a question and need some advice. I have a customer who has two large 30 inch screens sitting directly in front of her. She says she is having pain using them, but needs bothContinue reading

  • Pathologist Ergonomics Q&A

    Uncategorized July 25, 2019

    Today we’re looking at another question from a recent Back School graduate. This particular query deals with evaluating a pathologist working with a microscope. Thank you again for your excellent knowledge and teaching style—I really enjoyed the course in June!!!! As I mentioned to you at the end of class, I knew there was aContinue reading