• How to Convince Clients That Ergonomics is Important

    Ergonomics April 8, 2020

    Why Ergonomics is Important with Judy Bronson As Millennials and Gen Z take over much of the workforce, they are constantly changing the landscape of the workplace. For instance, the new generations of professionals expect companies to have a broader and deeper understanding of healthcare. Aside from providing employees with health insurance, an article by CNBC notesContinue reading

  • Ask the Back School: Tips for Material Handlers

    Ergonomics March 3, 2020

    Today we’re addressing a recent question from another Back School graduate who had some material handling questions regarding a new client they were working with. “I’ve attended a couple of your live workshop and learned a lot! However, I am urgently needing help with a company I recently did an ergonomic evaluation for. It isContinue reading

  • Ask the Experts: Early Ergonomics Intervention

    Ergonomics January 16, 2020

    Ergonomics intervention is the topic at hand in today’s Ask the Experts Q&A. We recently received a question regarding some of the legal implications regarding physical therapists(PT) providing early ergonomics intervention. Read the question below followed by the answer from esteemed faculty member, Matt Jeffs, PT, DPT, CEAS II. “ I have a client inContinue reading