• Hot Tips: Nobody Puts a Star Employee in the Corner

    Hot Tips September 4, 2018

    Hot Tips: Cornered by the Desk At times, you’ll see an employee position themselves into the 90 degree corner of a desk.  There are a couple reasons why they prefer the corner: One, the employee would like have space to hold conference with co-workers or clients across the desk.  Or, two, the employee would likeContinue reading

  • AOTA Survey for The Back School

    Uncategorized August 28, 2018

    We’d love your feedback for our AOTA Survey Respond to this survey for your chance to win a $100 voucher from the AOTA. As part of our American Occupational Therapy Association’s (AOTA) Approved Provider renewal process, AOTA is requesting that participants of our courses complete a short online survey about their continuing education experience(s) withContinue reading

  • Onsite Injury Prevention Services – Hire a New Watchdog

    Industrial Rehab August 16, 2018

    Honest Onsite Triage – Man’s Best Friend Providing onsite early care services to employees can be a godsend. In its best spirit, it can save employees needless suffering, while saving employers needless expense. In my experience, seeing an employee onsite offers an opportunity to provide thoughtful, honest triage. As the practitioners who performed the PhysicalContinue reading