Hot Tips: Nobody Puts a Star Employee in the Corner

Hot Tips September 4, 2018

Hot Tips: Cornered by the Desk

At times, you’ll see an employee position themselves into the 90 degree corner of a desk.  There are a couple reasons why they prefer the corner: One, the employee would like have space to hold conference with co-workers or clients across the desk.  Or, two, the employee would like to conveniently work with a calculator or work with other items.  Unfortunately, being in the corner leads to two common ergonomic risk factors – awkward postures and contact stress.

There are two ways to fix this challenge.  The worker could have a corner sleeve installed or simply move over to one side of the desk.  The employee (below) chose the latter.  Before, the employee was in a 90 degree corner fostering awkward arm reaching and contact stress to both wrists.  In the after pictures, you see the star employee moved to one side of the desk which eliminated both ergonomic risk factors.

After implementation, aches & pains associated with the ergonomic risk factors were eliminated.  No additional injury care was required.  And, star employee was satisfied with the results.

Before: Awkward arm reaching and contact stress to both wrists.

hot tips

After: ergonomic risk factors were eliminated.

hot tips

Star employee happy with the results. 

hot tips


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  • Pamela Hall

    She is not receiving any upper extremity support from her armrests as positioned. A mouse pad with a built-in wrist rest may create pressure over the carpal tunnel.

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