Billing Rates For Ergonomics Assessments

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There are a multiple ways to calculate billing rates for Ergonomics Assessments. Always be CONSISTENT in the way you price services for clients. If you charge different prices for similar services, the client may recognize the discrepancy and it can cost you business.

If you are providing an ergonomics assessment as part of medical management you may  bill a 3rd party/provider using the CPT Code #97537. This Code is defined as:  “Community/work reintegration training (eg, shopping, transportation, money management, avocational activities and/or work environment/modification analysis, work task analysis, use of assistive technology device/adaptive equipment), direct one-on-one contact, each 15 minutes.” A reimbursement fee of up to $55 per fifteen (15) minute units of time, may be billed/collected depending on the provider.billing rates

Using the above guidelines most people charge $150-$225 per hour or $1200- $1800 per day, PLUS travel expenses, travel time (Billed at 50% of your hourly fee) and handout material expenses. This same scale is frequently used for all consulting services.

Ergonomics assessments may also be billed on a per service basis. One onsite office ergonomics evaluation with a written report usually costs between $250-$450. If you perform multiple assessments during the same visit or do not provide an in-depth report, costs can vary. Estimate the amount of time involved and use the above listed time based fees to come up with a fair price. Onsite industrial/manufacturing assessments  fees would be estimated in the same manner.

Have thoughts on billing rates for ergonomics assessments? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Iolanthe Culjak, P.T., CEAS

    What is a good fee when conducting a class for office and administrative groups? I am meeting with a large Federal company today. I will not give prices today…will get info on what they are looking for and do a business proposal.

  • Ronald

    We price training for any group based on the amount of time invested in the training. Out typical charge per hour is approximately $200. Therefore you need to estimate as closely as possible your investment in the amount of time and any additional costs like audiovisuals and handouts for each attendee.

    Some items to consider as you estimate the cost to include in a proposal:

    1. Time for site visit and meet with management and employees, etc.
    2. Time to prepare power point presentation
    3. Time for photography to personalize presentations or cost for a professional photographer and/or videographer
    4. Time to research statistics or references for presentation
    5. Travel time to & from site
    6. Duplication costs for printed or electronic materials
    7. Time for follow-up requests, emails, phone calls

    When you send a proposal, it is probably best for you to outline all of the above so that the client will understand how you arrived at the proposed fee. It may also be good to mention that the average cost of a lost time injury in the US in 2010 was $20,500.

    Please let us know if you need more info. We are here to help you.


    • Iolanthe Culjak, PT, CEAS

      Thanks Ron. I definitely undercharged. It is my first customer…I will be doing 2 classes of an hour each to 25-30 employees. I charged $300 for each class. Total of $600. Oh well. I figure getting the powerpoint together for their office ergonomics will have me set up with a power point for the next company(with changes as needed to customize). Luckily, drive time is not an issue…location is 10 minutes from my house. Thanks for the above outline…next time I will definitely take those things into consideration. I had already done an on-site visit with the Safety Officer and we walked around the facility. I got into the company due to a friend connection. So, I don’t mind not making money on my first gig. If I do a great job, more work will be available for sure with this company and they will make a great reference for future work. Lessons learned.

      Thanks again.

      Iolanthe “IO” Culjak, PT., CEAS

  • Erin Welsh

    RE: Billing rates for ergonomic assessments… Hello, I’ve just been hired to complete 300 ergo evaluations for a hospital in Phoenix, AZ. I believe it’s a preventative assessment for their employees to increase efficiency and decrease lost time from work. What would be a standard rate to charge per assessment/evaluation? Since they have approximately 300, they are asking for a bulk/reduced price. Any suggestions on where to begin so I don’t lowball myself?

    Thank you and I just recently attended the CEAS II cert in Oceanside, CA on 6/28 and 6/29 so I’m very new at this.
    Erin Welsh, MA, CRC

  • Ron

    Hello Erin,

    Congratulations on the opportunity to assist 300 people with ergonomics.

    To answer this question accurately I would really need to know if you are going to see all 300 people and write up individual reports for each or just provide ergonomics counseling to each individual.

    With groups this large, we often go from workstation to workstation and give a summary report on changes made or recommended for each person. I can usually see approximately 1 person every 45 minutes. This would be 10 people in a 7.5 hour workday. Our fees are approximately $200 per hour or $1600 per day. If you are going to do 300 this would take one person about 30 workdays. With a job of that magnitude you would want to instruct the client of your normal hourly fee and perhaps offer a discount of 10-15% for that number of days of work.

    If the client wants something different than what I outlined, you would still calculate it on a time basis and fee of $200 per hour.

    Hope this helps.


    • Erin Welsh

      Thank you Ron! They will only be needing reports on work stations that need to be adjusted or if I have recommendations. I believe the majority of this work will be ergonomics counseling. It will be in an office/cubicle setting. I’m sure I’ll be emailing you with more questions! Erin

  • Luis B

    Hi Ron,

    Can you give us some ideas of who your usual clients are?

    Is most of the work you do reactionary to some sort of workers comp claim or do you tend to do a lot of proactive consultations? I would imagine that you are mainly dealing with HR.



    • Ron Porter

      Hello Luis,
      In the 1980’s and 1990’s a majority of our consultation work was addressing issues related to work related injuries. In the 21st century we have many more clients that are proactively involved with employee injury prevention and wellness. We have come to realize that a lot of musculoskeletal disorders are related to off the job activities and aging workers. The costs may not show up as a workers compensation claim but may be costing the company a significant amount in their medical claims.
      In 2013 we worked with a several direct delivery companies and paper mills. The warehouse/production workers and truck drivers have very physically stressful job tasks.
      Other clients this year have been healthcare facilities (including dentists and dental assistants) and call center employers. In health care you have a lot of lifting and awkward postures and in call centers and office environments you have the dreaded Static Posture enemy.
      We frequently deal with the HR professionals but often are working with the Environmental, Health & Safety professionals, too.
      Good question!

      • Kris

        Good Evening!
        I’m an occupational therapist and interested in attending a courses to gain education on work station ergonomics. I’d like to help people in my community.

        Please advise me on where to get further education.

        Thank you,


  • Suzanne Anderson

    I have my ergonomics certification lev 1 through Back School of Atlanta and just starting out with assessments. My first contact has offered me some office ergo assessments and says the going rate in FL is $65-$75/hr for 2 hrs for this type assessment. I see what Back School has suggested for rates and feel comfortable with that, however can anyone give me an idea of what rates they are charging in FL. Is it really that much lower? Appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

    • SA

      Are you able to comment on your knowledge of Florida rates?


  • Allison

    I’ve been doing office ergo assessments with a firm in the DC area mostly in federal buildings ie FTC, USDA, HUD. I am paid a flat rate of $125 per assessment I get reimbursed .56 per mile for travel. I am paid $75 hourly for all day assignments. Just wanted to know if this is a normal rate or if I’m getting paid less than average as your recommended rate is higher. Thanks so much.

  • Prafullamukhi Prabhuvenkatesh

    I have a plan to start my own Ergo office set up.
    Is there a way to get all details on how to. what do i need to know to start. I am a CEAS-I level.
    I am in San Francisco.

  • Jason Smith

    Do you have a brochure that you handout to people that you could email me. I would be interested as to how this should look and how to market a program such as this.


  • MIchelle McCarty

    Not sure the work reintegration code 97537 is reimbursable here in MD currently. Advice is from 2013 on this page.
    Is there any info on current billing practices for insurance submissions for 2015 for Ergo assessments for ON SITE or In the Clinic? Can anyone direct me to other resources for this info? Thanks!

  • Kristi

    I’m looking for an update on billing rates for ergonomics assessment and hourly rates? This is from 2013 so I would imagine billing rates are different now. I’m just looking for some guidance for billing rates.

    Thank you

  • Shandra

    I was looking for updated Ergonomics fees, also. Also, for insurance reimbursement we obviously have to have an NPI number. I found the website for applying, but not much else.

  • Betty

    Can you provide some direction on how to best market my services? Thanks.

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