Hot Tips: Rating from a Microdesk User

Hot Tips November 9, 2018

Hot Tips: Huge Improvements with the Microdesk

After an ergonomic assessment, the client and I agreed that the Microdesk might be best suited for her.  The assessment was originally suggested by her physician as she complained of some right neck pain.  She deals with many paper documents at a time and we noted a few awkward postures as she worked with them.

Before Microdesk Installation


Hot Tips: Before 1

Hot Tips: Before 2

After installation of the Microdesk, along with a keyboard/mouse tray, you can see a dramatic decrease in awkward postures to her neck and her back.  She reported that, ‘reading and writing is much more convenient’ with the Microdesk.  In addition, she noted that the Microdesk ‘decreases neck movements as everything is in front of you’.

After Microdesk Installation

Hot Tips: After 1Hot Tips: After 2Hot Tips: After 3

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