How to Convince Clients That Ergonomics is Important

Ergonomics April 8, 2020

Why Ergonomics is Important with Judy Bronson

As Millennials and Gen Z take over much of the workforce, they are constantly changing the landscape of the workplace. For instance, the new generations of professionals expect companies to have a broader and deeper understanding of healthcare. Aside from providing employees with health insurance, an article by CNBC notes that employers and companies are expected to be more supportive about mental, behavioral, and emotional health. Millennial and Gen Z professionals are also known to value productivity over rigid working hours.

One of the ways companies can provide healthier workplaces and promote productivity is by providing ergonomically correct office furniture. However, professionals from ergonomics teams are commonly faced with the challenge of selling their ideas to company leaders and getting the finances to implement improvements. So, we’ve listed some tips on how you can convince your clients that ergonomics is important:

Mention how ergonomics can lead to greater productivity

No two people are the same, so it only makes sense that employees accomplish the same tasks in different ways. The Business Woman Media’s article on ergonomics emphasized that when the job and the workplace are tweaked through ergonomics to fit the employees uniquely, barriers to productivity are removed, and jobs are easier and faster to accomplish. Additionally, ergonomics improvement processes reduce ergonomics risk factors and improve the interaction between the work and the worker.

Indicate that investing in ergonomics can lead to future savings

Managing – and more importantly, preventing — chronic pain and illnesses early will help you save more in the long run. This is particularly important as statistics collected by Maryville University show that half the country will be suffering from chronic illnesses by 2025, and that there will be severe shortages of primary physicians in the near future. While ergonomics training or equipment may seem expensive at first, the number of benefits it provides in the long run will actually help companies save on healthcare costs. Especially since chronic back pain is one of the most common reasons employees take out health insurance.

Note how ergonomics can help attract and retain talented Employees

An article by Forbes pointed out that by simply creating a workspace that includes elements of hospitality, and considers the necessities and welfare of the employees, companies can improve their ability to attract and retain the best and brightest talent. If employees see that the company is making efforts to provide a conducive and comfortable working environment, they will be more likely to stay at the company. Hence, effectively reducing employee turnover.

Cite how ergonomics can improve work culture

In its simplest sense, ergonomics aims to ensure that every employee is as comfortable as they can be while working. When a company invests in its employees’ comfort and happiness, it can help improve overall morale and create a positive work culture. An article by Business News Daily highlighted that when it comes to job satisfaction, 56% of adults said that good workplace culture is more important than salary. With ergonomics, making sure that your employees are satisfied can begin with just a simple change in desks and office chairs or educating employees how to properly use existing equipment.

Ergonomics is a combination of multiple studies that aims to increase efficiency, productivity and reduce discomfort. But even with the obvious benefits for improving workplaces and companies, there are still some clients who can be hard to deal with. For more tips and tricks on how to deal with complex clients, check out our post on ‘Evaluating Difficult Clients’.

Do you have tips on advocating for ergonomics initiatives in the workplace? Let us know in the comments below!

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