NEW Smarter and Safer: Ergonomics Engineering Solutions in Manufacturing Online Course

Industrial Ergonomics August 17, 2016

Smarter and Safer: Ergonomics Engineering Solutions in Manufacturing Online Course







Have you ever heard the old saying of “Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are?” Let’s make that more relevant to ergonomics by saying, “Show me your task, and I’ll tell you how efficient and safe you are.”

Work-related task design effects how productive, robust, and injury-free a workforce can be. Smarter and Safer instructs you on the advantages, possible disadvantages and alternatives of many different ergonomics engineering solutions.

You will learn to identify solutions for common risk factors associated with static postures; hand tool use; material handling; and storage and climate control in the manufacturing environment. This course also discusses the advantages, potential disadvantages and approximate costs of each solution. We will evaluate engineering solutions to risk factors identified with the NIOSH lifting, RULA, REBA evaluation tools.

Course Objectives

  • Identify work station components that can affect employee comfort and safety
  • Determine ideal work height and posture for a given task
  • Identify engineering solutions to decrease leg and back fatigue
  • Describe factors to consider when selecting hand tools
  • List tool adaptations that promote neutral wrist postures and/or decrease weight of tool
  • Identify equipment that can improve posture and/or decrease force with material handling tasks
  • Identify equipment to promote comfortable temperature

2 Contact Hours
$59.95 through 9/10. $76.95 after 9/10

Developed by
Martha K. Frame, PT, MS, MBA, CEAS





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