Introducing The Comfort Zone

Ergonomics May 14, 2013

The Back School is pleased to introduce Comfort Zone, a cutting-edge, web-based, ergonomics risk management software program specifically designed for office-based employees.

Comfort Zone provides employers a means to identify, measure and correct the factors that impede worker performance and put them at risk of work-related injury.

Comfort Zone collects actionable data that enables employers to identify, prioritize and direct the implementation of appropriate remedial actions – actions to help prevent occupational-related injuries and claims.

Comfort Zone provides an easy to follow process that begins with a brief employee self-assessment survey taken at their computer work station.  The Comfort Zone software analyzes their input and presents printable, actionable recommendations specific to each individual worker on what they can immediately change in their work station to enhance their comfort and increase their productivity, all-the-while reducing their risk of injury.  Comfort Zone empowers your employees to be proactive in their own-well-being at work

Comfort Zone will crunch and manage all of the data collected from your employees whether they are spread across a campus, a city, a state, a nation or the globe and will present findings in a number of customizable reports.  By analyzing the aggregate individualized data, these reports document for management the company-wide risk trends, as well as quickly drilling down to identifying issues on an individual level.

The Gap Assessment analysis provides a clear picture of current and potential areas of worker risk. This assessment spotlights the scope of decreased productivity and compares current productivity levels to what they could be through implementation of the remedial measures.

Comfort Zone represents a significant leap forward in ensuring that your company stays ahead of the competition in reducing healthcare costs due to on-the-job injuries; increasing worker productivity, morale and physical comfort; and being able to demonstrate in real dollar terms your ROI from implementing Comfort Zone.

For more information about our Comfort Zone Ergonomics Assessment Software Program, please contact Bob Pafundi at or call our office 800-783-7536.

Ron Porter
CEO The Back School


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