Measuring Success Of Ergonomic Interventions

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There are two ways to measure success for an ergonomics intervention.

The first way is to measure short and long-term results which would include such things as decreased medical claims, decreased lost time/days, decreased reportable injuries etc., and increased productivity.

The second way is to use the assessment tools BEFORE & AFTER the ergonomics intervention. If it is an engineering (product) solution, it should show a decreased risk on the evaluation. You could use the NIOSH lifting equation or other assessments that we used in your CEAS seminar. In the CEAS II workshop (Ergonomics Solutions for an Aging Workforce) we use ergo assessment tools like the RULA, REBA & Roger’s Fatigue Analysis that quantify risk more than the W-1 from the CEAS course.

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  • Darrell CEAS 1

    I’ve been performing Ergonomic assessments since 2001 and became certified in 2013 by the Back School. I’m very interested in starting my own consulting business but unsure where to start from a marketing and promotion standpoint. Any suggestions?

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