Personal Or Business Liability Insurance

Business Growth & MarketingBusiness Growth & MarketingBusiness Growth & MarketingBusiness Growth & Marketing June 17, 2011

The recommendation is for an ergonomics/industrial therapy consultant to purchase BOTH business and personal liability insurance. This is primarily because it is a good business practice. Most often liability or error and omission lawsuits will be against both the individual and their employer.

A lot of liability depends on what type of services you provide. If your only service is ergonomics assessments with recommendations for risk modification and control, there is very little opportunity for a liability lawsuit. If you are doing product modification as part of the ergonomics project or if you are instructing the client in body mechanics or exercise techniques, there is more possibility of error. If you provide Post Offer Employment Testing or Functional Capacity Evaluations you may also have more exposure for litigation.

I am neither an attorney nor legal expert, so I would suggest that you also consult with one for a more definitive answer.

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