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ErgonomicsErgonomicsErgonomicsErgonomics June 25, 2012

Here we have another ergonomics question coming from an occupational therapist working at a hospital in Indiana.

“Recently, I was contacted by another department in the hospital regarding work related injuries.

In Health Information Services there are 2 employees who are experiencing the same injuries/strains. They are the only 2 that complete this specific job. The complaint was extensive mouse clicking resulting in trigger finger and additional repetitive strain like injuries. After observing them and reviewing there workspace, a mouse change may just be the solution. Currently they are using a standard rollerball mouse. They are using a program which eliminates many keyboard shortcuts.

My question to you is if you have had success with any certain mouse. I have seen the vertical, 3M Ergonomic mouse(joystick like), gel pads to put on the mouse, and the rollermouse pro 2.”

I gladly responded with a number of reccomendations:

  1. Contact the manufacturer of the software and ask for advice. If your employees are having this issue, they are  probably not the first ones. The company may have already identified a solution.
  2. Have the person to mouse with the opposite hand. I assume that the problem is with the right hand and that both employees are right handed. If so about 90% of the upper extremity use on a daily basis is right handed activity. Distribution of that would decrease the stress on the side of complaint.
  3. If they don’t like #2. Find out if they use the number pad that is on the right side of the keyboard. If so, get tem a separate number pad and place it on the left side or a keyboard that has it on the left side.
  4. Provide them with the Contour Roller Mouse.

One thought

  • Adam

    Are they participating in a stretching program with the mouse changes? I find I get better results when I incorporate a personalized stretching program.

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