Upcoming Changes to CEAS II

Ergonomics November 18, 2015

Upcoming Changes to CEAS II

Officially beginning with our first live courses in 2016 (register now) we will be transitioning to a new title for our CEAS II ergonomics certification. We will be updating the subtitle from Aging Workforce Ergonomics Solutions Certification to Expanded Ergonomics Assessment Skills Certification. We will also be updating the title for the online course at the beginning of 2016.


Note that this is purely an aesthetic change. The fantastic course content will continue to remain the same and we will still be addressing unique ergonomics risk factors facing aging workers. However, we felt it was important to bring attention to the fact that the course is far more than that. Whereas CEAS I focuses on teaching you how to ergonomically evaluate multiple job tasks, CEAS II teaches you how to evaluate individual task steps. You will also learn the differences between and uses of these evaluation tools – REBA, RULA, and Rodgers Muscle Fatigue Analysis, as well as practical techniques for choosing cost effective solutions and the methodology for compiling concise client reports.

Benefits of taking CEAS II

  • Helps you validate the effectiveness of your ergonomics recommendations/solutions
  • Provides opportunity to practice and understand more advanced/quantifiable ergonomics assessment tools
  • Reviews options to minimize ergonomics risks in the workplace
  • Enhances your  ability to identify work related and non-work related ergonomics issues
  • Addresses ergonomics solutions for all workers (industrial, manufacturing, healthcare and office)


“Ron is an extremely effective and entertaining instructor. His light-hearted approach to Ergonomics creates a positive learning environment.”
Scott Wood, CEAS II
Roseville, CA

“This class was very informative, I quickly applied the ergonomic evaluation tools in my area and have become a valuable resource for my workers and upper management.  The instructor was very engaging and his knowledge of the subject was excellent.”
Robert Felicitas, CEAS II
Livermore, CA

“Excellent. The instructor makes it very interesting and keeps students involved.”
Val Kshirsagar
Palo Alto, CA

“This was the best workshop I have ever been to!”
Christy Diddens
McHenry, IL

Learn about the live workshop HERE
Learn about the online certification HERE

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