Upcoming Ergonomics Certification Workshops

Ergonomics February 4, 2016

Upcoming Ergonomics Certification Workshops

Check out all of our currently scheduled Ergonomics Certification Workshops for 2016 below! Remember you can save $55 per registration when preregister more than 14-days before a workshop. Save $115 per registration when you enroll 3 or more*

CEAS I: Ergonomics Assessment Certification Workshop
CEAS ILearn to perform legally defensible, OSHA-compliant ergonomics assessments applicable in the industrial, healthcare, and office workplaces. In our basic ergonomics workshop, you will learn to identify common hazards that frequently contribute to the development of musculoskeletal disorders.

  • Los Angeles, CA: Feb 4 & 5
  • San Jose, CA: Feb 19 & 20
  • Houston, TX: Mar 4 & 5
  • Charlotte, NC: Mar 17 & 18
  • West Palm Beach, FL: Apr 8 & 9
  • Pittsburgh, PA: May 5 & 6
  • Bangor, ME: May 17 & 18
  • New York, NY: June 16 & 17*** Just Added!
  • Salt Lake City, UT: Jun 9 & 10
  • Denver, CO: Aug 25 & 26
  • Orlando, FL: Nov 4 & 5


CEAS I: Practical Applications Certification PracticumClass_thumb_200x160_Ergonomics PractApps
This is a rare opportunity for you to earn your CEAS I certification by practicing hands-on assessments alongside seasoned ergonomics expert and Back School Director, Ron Porter. You’ll visit a variety of work environments and learn to identify and resolve the unique ergonomics risks in each.

  • September 28-30


CEAS II: Expanded Ergonomics Assessment Skills CertificationCEAS II
CEAS II provides expanded skills for performing specialized ergonomics assessments using quantifiable evaluation tools. These advanced tools provide the valuable metrics to validate the findings of your ergonomics assessments.

You will learn the differences between and uses of various evaluation tools – REBA, RULA, and Rodgers Muscle Fatigue Analysis; practical techniques for choosing cost effective solutions; and methods to compile concise client reports. Additional topics included are applicable to the healthcare, office, and industrial material handling job sites.

  • Apr 28 & 29 – Phoenix, AZ


*all three registrants must register at the same time using a single payment method

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