Upcoming Live Workshops for 2015

Ergonomics September 3, 2015

Check out our upcoming live workshops below:

CEAS ICEAS I: Ergonomics Assessment Certification Workshop

2 Days/15 Contact Hours. Our training will teach you how to perform an OSHA-compliant ergonomics analysis applicable in the industrial, healthcare, and office workplace. In our basic occupational ergonomics workshop, you will learn to identify potential hazards that contribute to the development of musculoskeletal disorders. Using best practices, our method instructs implementation of cost-effective, high-impact solutions for prevention of workplace injury. By developing effective tools to market your ergonomics services, you can become a strategic partner with current and prospective internal and external customers in delivering practical solutions for risk reduction and increased employee productivity.

  • Sept 18 & 19: Chicago, IL
  • Sept 24 & 25: Little Rock, AR
  • Oct 22 & 23: Atlanta, GA
  • Oct 23 & 24: Napa, CA
  • Nov 12 & 13: Phoenix, AZ
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Class_thumb_200x160_Ergonomics PractAppsErgonomics: Practical Applications Certification Practicum

2.5 Days/18 Contact Hours. This is our hands-on practicum version of our nationally renowned CEAS I certification. Learn to perform ergonomics evaluations for office, industrial, and healthcare environments by touring a variety of work environments and practicing assessments on real workers. Earn your CEAS certification while going hands on with one of the nation’s leaders in ergonomics, Ron Porter, PT, CEAS III.

aging_workforce_tumbnail (1)CEAS II: Aging Workforce Ergonomics Solutions Certification

2 Days/15 Contact Hours. The CEAS II workshop will provide enhanced skills for performing specialized ergonomics job assessments using quantifiable evaluation tools. With a specific focus on the aging workforce you will learn the differences between and uses of various evaluation tools, practical techniques for choosing cost effective solutions and methods to compile concise client reports. Additional topics included are specific to healthcare professionals, office markets and manual material handling job sites.

Healthcare ErgonomicsHealthcare Ergonomics Live Workshop

1 Day/7.5 Contact Hours. We will cover practical ergonomic solutions for the office worker, clinical staff, laboratory and pharmacy. Participants will learn to create a proactive ergonomics plan and also see real world “before and after” examples of Pharmacy, Central Processing, and Laboratory environments. This program also provides all of the components for creating an evidence-based Successful Safe Patient Handling Program as well as instructing on best practices for material handling tasks within environmental services, dietary services and central processing.


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