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Industrial Rehab November 25, 2013

Several years ago, the die seemed cast by other education systems offering an inefficient and very expensive education model. The Back School decided not to take this approach. Three, four, or five day courses with extra charges required for equipment, software, and other hidden fees waste time and money – especially for the smaller independent clinician. Instead, The BIO-ERGONOMICS © Model was implemented with the goal of providing the best value in educational experience through an intensive format that is sensitive to the needs of the busy clinician operating in an uncertain economy.

BIO-ERGONOMICS, INC. is both an independent provider and education platform for Industrial Rehabilitation and Consulting services working in partnership with The Back School.  Education opportunities include:

Live Courses:

Online Courses:

Reading Materials:

The education philosophy of The Back School and BIO-ERGONOMICS, INC can be summed up as follows:

  • Motivated Healthcare Providers learn best from accelerated training and then returning to their clinic to practice their newly found skills.
  • Industrial Rehabilitation Research is not proprietary – we all have access to the same peer-reviewed medical research. Healthcare providers simply need to know where to look.
  • Industrial Rehabilitation Protocols should allow for flexibility – core skills should be taught and the healthcare provider should adapt those skills to the needs and demands of their individual marketplace.
  • Industrial Rehabilitation Educators should not take advantage of students’ limited budget.  One price.  No hidden fees or extra charges.
  • Industrial Rehabilitation Evaluations should be functional and not computer generated processes. Reports should be concise and without fluff.

The Live Education Model offered through The Back School is unique in that we provide:

  • 2-day intensive lecture and lab format.
  • Comprehensive student manual summarizing the latest research – no extra charge.
  • Course CD with forms, questionnaires, and report templates – no extra charge.
  • Free follow-up consultation with the course instructor – no extra charge.
  • Pathway to certification – no extra charge.

The Online Course Model offered through The Back School is unique in that we provide:

  • 2, 4, and 6 hour courses taken in the comfort of your own home or clinic.
  • Protocols and Tools as an accompaniment to the course that are supported by peer-reviewed research – no extra charge.

Printed and E-Books offered through The Back School are unique in that we provide:

  • Comprehensive, reader-friendly, and turn-key materials that can be used in daily practice.
  • Forms and templates that are supported by peer-reviewed research references – no extra charge.

We offer solutions and not additional problems for the busy clinician with limited resources. If you are looking for the best value in Industrial Rehabilitation education, we are looking for you!

If you have any questions regarding Industrial Rehabilitation education, inquire at

2 thoughts

  • Julia C

    I would like to get some more information on doing evaluations and setting up workstations for those with ADA accommodations needed, including those in a wheelchair specifically.

    I’m wondering if there are any particular training programs or certifications that I can learn from for this type of information. Any information provided would be immensely helpful.


    • Ron Porter

      Hi Julia,

      One of the best resources I’ve found for ADA accommodations is the Job Accommodation Network. They are a part of the ADA that was specifically set up to assist with these type of issues. I believe that their site is

      Hope that helps!



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