Musculoskeletal Impairment Rating Workshop is back in Atlanta this December

Industrial Rehab August 18, 2017

Musculoskeletal Impairment Rating Workshop

We’re Thrilled to Announce that  our Musculoskeletal Impairment Rating Workshop will return to Atlanta on December 2nd focusing on the Fifth Edition of the AMA Guide

About the workshop:

The Back School, in partnership with Impairment Rating Services of Alabama, LLC, are pleased to present “Musculoskeletal Impairment Rating Using the American Medical Association’s Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, Fifth Edition,” a 7.5 hour clinical education course. The purpose of the course is to gain competency in medical record review, physical examination methods, and report writing for musculoskeletal and nervous system impairment rating using the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, Fifth Edition. The course is an interactive lecture format with demonstration of examination procedures, practice sessions, case studies, and a written post-test.

Attendees must present for at least 75% of the course, pass (80%) a written post-test consisting of 12 case studies, and complete a seminar evaluation to receive continuing education credits. Upon receipt of the post-test with a passing score and completed seminar evaluation, attendees will receive a course certificate.


  • Learn the Purpose and the Steps Involved in Impairment Rating For the Upper and Lower Extremities and Spine.
  • Learn the Jurisdictional Use of AMA Guides for State Workers’ Compensation Systems and Select Federal Agencies and Explore the Use of the Diagnosis-Based Impairment (DBI) Approach for Impairment Rating of Soft Tissue, Muscle/Tendon, and Ligament/Bone/Joint Diagnoses
  • Understand the Approaches for Rating Peripheral Nerve, CRPS, and ROM Impairments and Demonstrate Competency in UE, LE, and Spine Impairment Rating Through Mastery of Course Case Studies

7.5 Contact Hours


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