New Safe Patient Handling Online Course Coming Soon

Healthcare Ergonomics April 19, 2016

New Safe Patient Handling Online Course Coming in Summer

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In 2016, 33% of the workforce will be over 50. One of the biggest areas of the economy where the aging of the workforce is having impact is healthcare.
The potential for injury from patient handing disproportionally affects these six occupations: Patient care Assistants/Nurses aides; RNs; LPN/LVNs; Home Health Aides; Radiation Techs and Physical Therapists.

Surveys report that patient care techs, nurses, other healthcare professionals have more bone and muscle injuries than any other industry in the US.
The next most frequent injury rate is in manufacturing.

Among the reasons for this are:

  • Poor physical fitness
  • Increased workload
  • Increased fatigue
  • Aging Baby Boomer population
  • Increased use of technology

In this class we will address some of the most prominent myths regarding safe patient handling:

  • Body mechanics training is effective in prevention of work injuries
  • Back belts are effective in reducing injuries
  • Those who are physically fit have reduced risk of injury
  • It is safe to lift a 200 lb patient
  • Mechanical lifts are not affordable
  • Staff will use equipment if available
  • Lifting patients is the only high risk task
  • Injuries to staff are preventable by screening prior to hire, post offer

Safe Patient Handling combines management commitment, employee involvement, policies, equipment, training, and maintenance. Patient education reinforces the lifts are for their safety as well as the worker and studies show patients feel more safe and secure when lifts are used. Studies show it takes about 5 min less to do equipment transfers rather than manual transfers.

Safe Patient Handling has a number of long-term benefits. Reduced injuries, decreased lost work time and WC claims, increased  productivity, increased quality of work life and worker satisfaction, increased staff retention and better quality of patient care and satisfaction are important returns offered by Safe Patient Handling.

We will cover the different kinds of equipment available and its proper and appropriate use and more:

  • Sliding Boards/Sheets
  • Non slide sheets for chairs
  • Beds that rotate side to side/chair/partial standing
  • Sit to stand lifts
  • Hoyer lifts
  • Ceiling lifts
  • Tub benches and chairs/3 in 1 (toilet to tub)
  • Hover jacks/mats
  • Gait belts

Coming Summer 2016 from The Back School. We hope you will join us to explore this important and timely topic.

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  • Andy Detwiler

    Looking forward to taking this course!

  • Stacey Radich

    Can you please let me know if the patient handling online course is approved for CEU Credits for physical therapy in PA and if any of the other courses offered by the back school are approved.

  • joseph phillips

    I am a CEAS1 and work in a nursing home this would be very helpful please send me information to be included in this class.


  • Rhody Davies

    I am very interested in this online course. As a suggestion, the class should also include lifting techniques and tools for EMTs & Paramedics.

  • Kathy M.

    Do you have any more info. for this course at this time, including potential release date, CEU’s etc. ? Appreciate any additional information!

  • Wendy Johnson

    I am looking for the cost of the safe handling course, and the best info about becoming certified in ergonomics.

    Thank you-


  • Andy Detwiler

    Is there any update of when this course will be available?
    Definitely looking forward to this!

  • thebackschool

    Hi Everyone, We’ve run into some production issues that have caused us to delay the launch of this new course into the next quarter. We haven’t finalized any pricing information as of yet but make sure to keep an eye on your inboxes for future updates. We greatly appreciate your interest and support!

  • Carol Stiasny

    Do you still offer the Safe Patient Handling Online course? I’m interested in taking it.

  • Stephanie timmerman

    Are u still offering this course..I am a direct care worker,and am the assistant of the sph director.I would like to take the course to increase my knowledge and understanding. Ty

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