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Body Mechanics May 23, 2016

Defining and Understanding Injuries: Basic Pathophysiology for the Non-medical Ergonomist

physioUpon receiving a report that someone has a painful shoulder, neck, wrist or back, have you ever wondered “what happened?” and more importantly; “why?”

Identifying what went wrong after the worker had already been successful at the job, may help you prevent an injury to someone else. Your ability is increased IF you understand the body better.

Designed as a companion course to our Basic Anatomy online course, Defining and Understanding Injuries teaches non-clinically trained ergonomists valuable information for making an educated assessment! Both courses are also great refreshers for both seasoned ergonomists or those with a clinical background.

Course Objectives

  • Provides basic information, on the way work effects the body, for the non-medically trained Ergonomist.
  • Provides a review of physiological functions of the Inflammatory Response for the medically trained Ergonomist.
  • Instructs the learner on how the muscles produce movement.
  • Instructs the learner on types of injuries that can occur to the soft tissues.
  • Expands the concept of the “Nutrient Pathway”
  • Provides an overview of what happens to the tissue when injured.

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