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Ergonomics May 25, 2016

FREE Ask The Experts Ergonomics: You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers 2016

Tuesday, June 7, 2:00 PM ET

You’re invited to join us for our second annual FREE Ask The Experts 1hr webinar presented by our nationally renowned director/instructor and 2016 ASSE President’s Award Winner, Ron Porter, PT, CEAS III

About The Presentation
It is our pleasure to present the opportunity for you to ask any burning questions you have regarding Ergonomics. In this one hour webinar, Ron will tackle as many questions, problems, issues, and mysteries as you can throw at him. Take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to ask a nationally known leader in the field of over 35 years, the questions about ergonomics you’ve always wanted answered.

Attendees Earn 1 Hour of Continuing Education Credit

You can get a brief sample of what’s to come with a recent Question from a Back Scholar and Ron Porter Below:

Q: We have an employee/sleep lab tech who is currently having R elbow->shoulder pain caused from frequent computer and mouse use. When looking at her workstation, she is sitting at a 30in ht, 30in deep desk without a keyboard tray. Her chair has short arms and she uses a stool to rest her feet on. Since we are unable to adjust the desk ht, would you recommend a keyboard tray with mouse platform and move the screen forward? Or what is your impression of a desk or chair forearm support. I was told a new chair with adjustable arm rests has already been ordered. So with that, maybe just a wrist support would be sufficient. Just wanted to get your feedback. Thank you!

redhanded2A: This is a little difficult for me to answer since I am unable to see photographs of the workstation. However, I would suggest the following:

Since the keyboard and mouse are at 30 inches, this is probably causing her to elevate her arms to perform her keying and mouse activities and may be one of the root causes of discomfort. Providing her with the keyboard tray that would allow you to lower the keyboard and mouse might be an advantage. Also, since she is experiencing a lot of right arm discomfort I would encourage either mouse use with the left hand or using something similar to the Contour Roller Mouse Red.  It can be placed in front of the keyboard and encourages her to use both left  and right hand for mouse activity.

We hope you’ll join us June 7th!

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