Advanced Office Ergonomics Assessment Specialist Certification Online is HERE

Office Ergonomics May 18, 2015

Advanced Officer Ergonomics Assessment Specialist CertificationThat’s right! We’re thrilled to announce that our new Office Ergonomics Certification program is LIVE and you can save $50 by registering before June 1st.

9 Contact Hours
2 Week Intro Price (5/15-5/31): $345
Regular Price (Beg. 6/1): $395

Developed by Board Certified Professional Ergonomist, Danielle Barzoloski, MPT, CPE, this all new certification course helps learners identify and resolve the common risk factors in all manner of office environments.

You’ll view a variety of case studies, from standard offices and cubicles, to non-standard environments like the automobile or hotel room, resolving the ergonomics risks. Application of these principles contributes to the reduction of ergonomics injuries, and increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

You’ll also examine a wide range of ergonomics equipment useful in mitigating risk. You will also learn how to perform a detailed cost-benefit analysis, outlining the return on investment of effective ergonomics intervention.
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